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Här finner du svar på de vanligaste frågorna kring våra produkter och tjänster. Vi har strukturerat informationen i olika kategorier för att göra det enkelt för dig att hitta det du söker. Om du har ytterligare frågor eller behöver mer information, tveka inte att kontakta oss.

  • Are there any special safety precautions students should be aware of?
    No alcohol: Under any circumstances, the consumption of alcohol in connection with our water sports activities is strictly prohibited. Turn off the hand control when handling the board: When handling and operating the water sports equipment, participants are asked to turn off the hand control or equivalent device. Release the throttle immediately in the event of a fall: In the event that a participant loses balance and falls from the board or equipment, the throttle should be released immediately to reduce the risk of personal injury and collision with objects in the water. Safe distance: It is of the utmost importance to keep a safe distance from the beach, bathers, boats and other objects that are not in water activity. We avoid busy places: We avoid conducting our water sports activities in areas known to be busy or have high boat traffic. This is done to reduce the risk of incidents and ensure a safe environment for our participants. We may follow applicable speed limits: We naturally respect any speed limits. These guidelines and precautions are designed to ensure that our water sports activities are conducted in a responsible and safe manner, and that our priority is the health and well-being of participants. We encourage everyone to follow these guidelines carefully and to exercise good judgment and safety at all times.
  • What is included in a surfing course with you?
    A course lasting just over 90 minutes, including a briefing followed by at least one hour of active surfing with an instructor. You will definitely get enough knowledge to start surfing on the water and learn to stand at that time. It is also possible to share the course with a friend or someone in the family and then you share the total time. Wetsuit and life jacket are included for all participants. For the audience and spectators, we have a companion boat for the majority of the courses to be able to follow up close and photograph/film. Otherwise, the availability can always be seen from a nearby cliff. We always pay attention to the weather and surf where there are the best possible conditions for beginners to learn to surf.
  • How do I book a course?
    To book your experience, contact us at
  • Do I need to have surfing experience to take a course with you?
    No prior experience is required. Our instructors take it at your pace and teach you all the basics you need to succeed in standing up on your feet already during your first session.
  • What should I bring to a surf lesson?
    We recommend that you bring swimwear and a towel. All other equipment can be borrowed on site if you don't have your own gear
  • How long does it take to learn to surf?
    Typically, all our participants are standing within an hour. For those with previous experience, you can expect to be standing half of that time. We never rush anything and take it at your pace - starting on your belly, progressing to your knees, and then to your feet at the pace you feel comfortable with.
  • Who can use a Lift eFoil?
    We recommend eFoil for individuals aged 12 and older. Larger individuals can ride eFoil, but our factory recommendations for most of our boards are 100 kg - 115 kg. Our 5’4 Cruiser board is designed to comfortably accommodate riders up to 125 kg.
  • How hard is it to ride the eFoil?
    People with experience in surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and/or foiling will be able to quickly learn to surf with us. For beginners, most people learn to stand on their feet within an hour. We always have a knowledgeable instructor in the water who will help you on your feet as quickly and safely as possible.
  • What happens if the battery is almost dead while riding the eFoil?
    The battery lowers the power to help you safely get back to land.
  • How many eFoil boards can I choose from?
    We offer three sizes of boards and two different models, our top-of-the-line LIFT4 in carbon fiber, and our simpler and more accessible model, LIFT3F in fiberglass.
  • Is there a price difference between the different boards?
    Yes, the price varies depending on the eFoil model and color you choose. For complete information, please visit our shop or contact us at
  • How far can I go on one charge?
    There is no exact answer here, but this is influenced by many different factors - rider's weight, speed, weather, wind, waves, choice of wings, etc. A Full Range Battery Gen4 provides up to 2.5 hours of driving time. A Light Battery Gen4 provides up to 90 minutes of driving time. A Full Range Battery Gen3 generally gives a driving time of about 100 minutes. A Light Battery Gen3 gives approx. 45-60 min driving time.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payments via Klarna, Swish, credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.
  • What safety features are in a Lift eFoil?
    The board automatically shuts off when the controller goes below the water surface or when the trigger on the controller is released. Even if the front of the board ends up underwater. The most important safety aspect to note is the use of protective equipment such as a helmet and life jacket and caution when using the product to avoid injury during your surf session.
  • How much maintenance does the Lift eFoil require?
    Our components and cables are triple-sealed against moisture and made of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials, requiring minimal maintenance. The primary maintenance is to regularly inspect your board for damages that may have occurred after crashes or regular usage. Cleaning with fresh water and storing in the shade after use is recommended. If you surf in saltwater, our primary recommendation is to flush the cooling channel after each session using a regular garden hose. Storage: Store your eFoil battery in a cool, dry place. The ideal storage level is between 20-60% charge. This will provide the longest lifespan for your battery. Allowed temperature: -10°C to 40°C Ideal storage temperature: 5°C to 25°C Additionally, we recommend storing your lithium-ion battery in a fireproof box for extra safety. You can find the Zarges Case in our shop: [Link]. The box is also perfect for transportation and international travel (freight flights apply in most cases, never passenger flights). The cheapest and easiest option is to send it by truck. Discharge: Like all lithium-ion batteries, the Lift eFoil battery will slowly lose charge over time while in storage. If left stored for a long time without use, the battery risks becoming deeply discharged and losing the ability to charge at all. To prevent this, and for the longest lifespan of your battery, we recommend connecting the battery to a charger and charging it to about 50% every other month if possible. Reviving a battery: To revive your battery after an extended period of storage, follow normal charging instructions. There are no special procedures after a long period of inactivity. Recommended maintenance: Inspect the battery for damages and water ingress before each use. Extra attention should be paid to the casing when looking for cracks in the plastic or areas where the lid is joined with the bottom. Do not use a battery that has been damaged or suspected to contain water. In that case, contact us! Even though the battery is waterproof and completely sealed, it is recommended to minimize exposure to water. Keep the data connector clean and dry. If debris or moisture gets into the connector, clean it with low-pressure compressed air. A gentle rinsing with fresh water can be used if saltwater gets into the connection. Lubricate the connector regularly with the included lubricant and before storage for the off-season. Keep the twist-lock connector clean and dry. Recommendations for the data connection can be followed here as well. Although the twist-lock connector is less sensitive than the data connector, avoid debris, moisture, and saltwater ingress to improve the lifespan of the twist-lock connector.
  • Do you have any guarantees?
    Yes, a two-year warranty applies to all products. Two years or 600 cycles apply to the battery.
  • What does the limited warranty cover?
    The manufacturer's limited warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. During the warranty period, we will replace products or parts of a product at no additional cost that are found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs unless otherwise agreed.
  • What do I need to do for warranty repair?
    To receive warranty repair, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. Contact us at .
  • Can I return my eFoil?
    All sales are final for all products.
  • What do I do if I receive a damaged product?
    Product damaged in transit will be replaced at no cost to you. Product damaged during normal use may be returned and/or repaired for a fee after evaluation by us.
  • What is your policy regarding canceling surfing lessons?
    In the event of a cancellation no later than 48 hours before, we will refund half or you can use the option to rebook for another occasion. Contact us and we will help you.
  • How can I contact you if I have more questions?
    Contact us at . Always expect a response within 24 hours.
  • How far can I go on one charge with a Lift eFoil?
    There is no exact answer here, but this is influenced by many different factors - rider's weight, speed, weather, wind, waves, choice of wings, etc. A Full Range Battery Gen4 provides up to 2.5 hours of driving time. A Light Battery Gen4 provides up to 90 minutes of driving time. A Full Range Battery Gen3 generally gives a driving time of about 100 minutes. A Light Battery Gen3 gives approx. 45-60 min driving time.
  • What's new with LIFT4?
    The LIFT4 eFoil has longer ride time with up to 2.5 hours of surfing for the Full Range Battery and a charging time of under 50 minutes. For the Light Battery, it provides up to 100 minutes of browsing and charges in just 30 minutes. It also has improved performance with Quiet Ride technology making it the quietest board on the market. In addition, it features fine-tuned details based on feedback from over 15,000 Lift ambassadors around the world, including a more robust battery case with rubber details, improved carbon fiber lock design and a hand controller with more data options for a safer and better surfing experience. In addition, the LIFT4 is launched with new Camber Pro front wings, which are smoother and more compliant and provide better stability at higher speeds for increased control. Read more and watch film at:
  • Are there any age or physical restrictions for surfing lessons?
    For safety reasons for people and equipment, we prefer that the person who will be surfing is at least 12 years old.

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